CD Review: Boston – Life, Love Hope

CD Review: Boston – Life, Love & Hope Frontiers Records All Access Rating: B+
Boston - Life, Love & Hope 2014
Tom Scholz doesn't like to be rushed. In his never-ending quest for aural perfection, Scholz sure takes his own sweet time making records, holed up in that state-of-the-art studio of his...

CD Review: Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock – Bridge The Gap

Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock - Bridge
The Gap 2014
There's only room for one high priest in this Temple of Rock, and that's guitar god Michael Schenker. Although for Schenker's new album under that moniker, the near religious experience for guitar freaks that is Bridge The Gap, he's assembled a small group of trusted heavy metal clergymen to help conduct these rock 'n' roll rituals, including his old Scorpions' mates Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz.